Exquisite art presented on a greeting card

Yet intended to be framed

Preserve a memory of any special occasion

From the Ann Fairchild Collection




Ann Fairchild is the owner of an Arts Design Studio, which holds a nationally trademarked registry as Just For Ewe ®.  Ann paints vividly colorful, fanciful, whimsical, and expressive paintings of nature on greeting cards which beg to be collected as an ensemble and framed.  Acid-free cardstock is used for long-term preservation of the art and each card is individually signed by Ann. The cards are blank inside to inspire a personal message. Each card and envelope are encased in a protective plastic sheath. Retail price per card is $3.95. Ann's greeting card collections include florals, birds, zoo/aquarium, and equine palettes. Ann will be displaying her unique art at the Just For Ewe® Booth #2870 at the National Stationery Show in New York, NY from May 21 to May 24, 2006.  Ann has received the honor of being included in the Best New Product display at this 60th annual New York show.  (See the Red-eyed Tree Frog greeting card/framed art/wearable art ensemble pictured above.)

When Ann launched her knitwear design business in the early 1990's, her first customer was Neiman Marcus; her second customer was the Ritz Carlton-Chicago.  Click on the knitwear pictorial buttons at the left to view knitwear kits and patterns.

In 1997, Ann was one of 293 USA designers asked by President and Mrs. Clinton to design an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree.  The ornament remains in the White House Archives and is displayed annually during the Christmas season; and, occasionally, it is showcased in the White House Museum display cases.


To purchase, call or write Ann at:  Just For Ewe®, 2501 E South St., Columbus, IN 47201        (812) 342-0112

e-mail:  annfairchild@earthlink.net

All images are copyright of Ann Fairchild, Just For Ewe®.